Grant Family

Meet the Grant Family

Meet the Grant family; a family that epitomizes the founding principle of the CSO Association… families sharing music. We meet Colleen Grant and find out just what it is like to be the wife and mother to all these musicians!

Have opportunities arisen in your family as a result of everyone being given the gift of learning music?  We don’t have a lot of piped music it is all fresh and different every time.  They can all sing even if mum can’t!  All the kids have had lots of opportunities to perform at various locations and situations.

What does the wife and mum of all these musicians get to do on a Monday evening when her family heads off to orchestra?  My own stuff (usually reading or sewing without interruption) in peace and quiet plus cooking dinner for hungry musicians.

Are there times when music turns your household upside down? Arguments on who gets the music room for practice, finding enough black clothing for all to perform in, and it can get very noisy.

Do you have any tips for mums and dads trying to encourage children to persevere with their music?  
   1.  Don’t push too hard; who wants to learn, you
        or your child?
   2.  Set a standard
   3.  Use bribes.  If the girls haven’t done their
        practice by a set time they
        lose there phones till they have done it,
        usually Monday to Friday only
   4.  Reward...reward...reward...