By day they are mild-mannered citizens, by night they are.... The Brasso's!
These guys are hooked on all things Brass and guarantee to brighten any great occasion.

We have heaps of fun playing fiddle tunes from across the world, but we are not just all violins, we also have guitar and tin whistle players.

To join this group musicians need to know how to read music and be able to play in first position across all strings of their Violin, Viola, Cello or Double Bass. This is an ideal group for musicians returning to their instrument after having a break for a number of years, or players new to learning. Playing in an ensemble is the key to having a sense of purpose and feeling like doing practice is more worthwhile. This orchestra is ever evolving and all music now caters for woodwind, brass and percussion. 

Having had its humble inception in 2006, this group now plays music of an intermediate level and operates as a full orchestra with Strings, Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion. Playing music to suit all musical palates, musicians are at a minimum 3rd grade level of skill. Members are encouraged also to compose and arrange music that can then be performed by the group. Music ranges from Film, Television and Musical Theatre themes, to Folk and popular Classics – there is something for everyone.